In Aid of Royal Papworth Charity - Supporting the UK's Leading Specialist Heart and Lung Hospital


Win a LEGO®
TIE Interceptor™ Exclusive Bundle


Win a LEGO®
NASA Artemis Space Launch System


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Daily Bugle & Sanctum Sanctorum


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Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank Exclusive Bundle

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    All of our fantastic LEGO® prizes are brand new, sealed and in a collectable condition

  • Fixed Entry Limits

    Only a limited number of entries are available to ensure the best odds of winning

  • Expedited Draws

    Once there are no more remaining entries available, a winner will be drawn for the prize

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    If after 60 days there are still entries remaining, a winner will be drawn regardless

  • Royal Papworth Charity

    Our Partnership with Royal Papworth Charity

    Brick Prize Draws are excited to have partnered with Royal Papworth Charity, our charity partner. With each participation in our prize draws, you're not just in the running to win incredible prizes but are also contributing to a worthy charitable cause.

  • How they Support Royal Papworth Hospital

    Royal Papworth Hospital treats some of the most life threatening conditions affecting people today. Grants provided by Royal Papworth Charity help to ensure the very best facilities, services and equipment is available for you, your family and our staff.

  • Royal Papworth Hospital

    Developing Tomorrow's Medicines Today

    The Charity is dedicated to funding heart and lung medicine of the future and is committed to pump-priming research projects and core infrastructure to accelerate the discovery of further medical advances which will save more lives tomorrow.

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Proudly Partnered with Royal Papworth Hospital Charity

By participating in our LEGO® prize draws you are supporting Royal Papworth Hospital's life-saving patient care and research. Find out more about how Royal Papworth Hospital Charity supports the UK's leading specialist heart and lung hospital in the video below.

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